ARMEX  Archery Blue Jazz Recurve Long Bow

If you're looking for an entry - intermediate level target shooting bow

 or just looking to have some fun the ARMEX Blue Jazz is a great pick.

This bow measures 62" in length with a brace height of 7.25". 

It requires 30lbs draw weight allowing it to be used by a range of ages and strengths.

To then further this compatibility the bow can be drawn from lengths 23" to 32".

The CNC cut riser makes the bow extremely durable 

and reduces vibrations in the bow. 

This reduces the chance of injuries and user fatigue whilst prolonging shooting time.

 A grip on the riser provides a solid hold over your bow increasing accuracy even in tough conditions.

Along side this great recurve bow you also get a stick on arrow rest for accuracy and

 a basic sight allowing you to line up and achieve the perfect shot.

  • COLOUR: Blue riser with white limbs
  • LENGTH (IN): 62"

ARMEX Archery Blue Jazz Recurve Long Bow


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    It is illegal to sell knives, swords or crossbows to anyone less than 18 years of age, it is also illegal for you to try to purchase them if you are under 18.

    Photo id will be required for proof 

    of age before dispatch for crossbows & bows.

    Passport or Driving licence image will be required.

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