Something we've never seen before! A 'compound' slingshot. Just like a compound crossbow in that the 'limbs' feature a little extra technology over a normal / standard one. The bands on this slingshot attach to spring loaded arms that load under tension when the bands are drawn back, creating extra travel distance for the bands to travel improving velocity and power for each shot! 

This is a high power slingshot with strong, durable metal body with laminated wooden handle grip and adjustable / extendable arm rest. Also includes magnets on the arm brace that hold both extra ammo or the tools used for changing the bands!

This model features a golden eagles head on the front of the sling, which if you don't like isn't a problem as it just unscrews. 


An adjustable arm rest provides stability for each shot and supports your wrist allowing the band to be pulled further for more accurate and powerful shot. 

Metal body decreases flex in the limbs and improves power as well as durability. This is nearly indestructible! In addition, the compound arms improve the speed and power of each shot!

Comes with 4x Rubber bands for improved power and soft leather pouch to load each shot into. Includes a spare set of bands and all the tools required. (2x Allen Keys)

Range: 40m with Stainless Steel Ball Bearings. (Not Included). 

Fantastic outdoor entertainment and can even be used to hunt where legal. (Please check as laws can change).



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    It is illegal to sell knives, swords or crossbows to anyone less than 18 years of age, it is also illegal for you to try to purchase them if you are under 18.

    Photo id will be required for proof 

    of age before dispatch for crossbows & bows.

    Passport or Driving licence image will be required.

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