The Anglo Arms Rapture is a very powerful recurve crossbow pistol with a simple cocking mechanism that makes loading incredibly simple and effortless. This compact, one-handed crossbow has a powerful 80lb draw weight that is capable of unbeatable levels of accuracy in excess of 65 yards. The Rapture stores its elastic potential energy in its fiberglass limb which converts to kinetic energy through the 5" power stroke, all this transferring of stored energy allows the boltt to achieve an impressive velocity of 160fps.

RAPTURE 80lb Crossbow Pistol


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    It is illegal to sell knives, swords or crossbows to anyone less than 18 years of age, it is also illegal for you to try to purchase them if you are under 18.

    Photo id will be required for proof 

    of age before dispatch for crossbows & bows.

    Passport or Driving licence image will be required.

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